International Flour, Feed, Corn, Semolina, Rice, Bulghur Milling Machinery & Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition

October 2025 Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, INDONESIA

IDMA INDONESIA offers an unforgettable experience as Indonesia's biggest event for the International Flour, Feed, Corn, Semolina, Rice, Bulgur Milling Machines and Pulses, Pasta, Biscuit Technologies Exhibition. IDMA has a lot to offer in terms of networking and finding business opportunities as it is the industry's trendsetting.

IDMA  will be held on October 2025 in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, with local machinery and mill manufacturers that set the industry's trends. IDMA Indonesia will meet  the Southeast Asian market.

IDMA brings together the best brands and technologies in the field of grain and pulses processing under one roof for the buyers. Thus, investors have the opportunity to make comparisons between alternatives and meet all their needs from a single point with advantageous opportunities.